Strong, rational solutions from Danvægt A/S.

As a customer, you will of course benefit from our long experience.

Consultancy is a natural part of Danvægt A/S’ sales efforts to ensure the correct solutions for our customers. All Danvægt products are specified, designed and manufactured at our factory in Denmark. We are very proud of this set-up.

Below you will find a selection of our market-leading, strong and rational solutions within industrial weighing.

Danvaegt A/S designs, manufactures and delivers highly reliable and precise loading and outloading scales to weigh bulk goods, powder and granulates.

Standard sizes from 5 - 2000 t/h and available with customised measurements and for special products and tasks. The scales are designed and built for many years of smooth operation.

The scales comply with the requirements of the MID directive and can be used in purchasing and retail.

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Danvaegt A/S offers a strong and comprehensive product range in truck scales, also for export, from truck scale systems with simple, intuitive user interfaces to systems using state-of-theart solutions for control panels, data collection, data access and integration.

Danvaegt A/S also manufactures mobile truck scales for demanding tasks in harsh environments. The scales are available in standard sizes but are also designed for special tasks and for local environments.

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For many years, Danvaegt A/S has designed, manufactured and delivered some of the smallest and most efficient loss-in-weight scales on the market for the seeds, fertilizer and process industries.

The scales are available in our standard range with capacities from 10 - 40 t/h or alternatively in customised designs.

The loss-in-weight scales are available with and without a pre bin.

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Danvaegt A/S designs, manufactures and delivers the fastest out loading system for bulk material handling on the market.

This out loading system is available in more versions: Loading bulk material from multiple silos through the mobile weigher into a truck, contra bins / silos or movable contra bins / silos. The scale is mounted on rails and according to the specific setup the scale can move in X, Y and Z directions, so it quick and accurate can change position from one silo to another. The scale can load the pre-set amount of material and load into the truck, contra bins or movable contra bins.

A bulk out loading system gives accurate weighing with effective logistic advantages and very high out loading capacity per hour.

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Big bag scales from Danvaegt A/S ensure fast and precise filling of big bags.

Both available as stand-alone scale and complete systems with pallet stores, roller conveyor / conveyor belt at the scales and roller conveyors / conveyor belts to store filled big bags.

The scales can be configured freely in terms of dosing units, filling nozzles, etc.

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The most reliable and precise dosing slides on the market are designed, manufactured and delivered by Danvaegt A/S.
Our dosing slides deliver fast and uniform dosing of bulk goods, powders, granulates and feed / wood pellets. The use of dosing slides is increasing for flow control of the same products, even in very demanding environments.
We deliver dosing slides in a wide range of standard sizes, material qualities and as pneumatic and hydraulic dampers. Controls and sizes can be customised for each task.
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Dosing scales from Danvaegt A/S are unique high-precision modular scales meeting high customer requirements in the process industry. The design configuration of each module ensures compact shipment.

The scales are delivered as a sturdy, single weighing unit prepared for a conveyor or with an integrated conveyor. The weighing system is also available with a discharge bin. This ensure high capacity as weighing on the scale and emptying from the discharge bin occur at the same time. Two or more weighing units can also be based on a common discharge bin. Can be combined with dosing slides and / or dosing screws from Danvaegt A/S.

ILIW scales, which are dosing scales based on the loss in weight principle, are an alternative to the traditional dosing scales. Dosing is carried out directly from the scales to the subsequent transport equipment. ILIW scales allow very high dosing capacities in a system without significant additional investments in the solution.

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As a result of many years’ experience in dosing and development efforts in consultation with key customers, Danvaegt A/S is capable of delivering some of the fastest and most precise microdosing scales on the market.

Our designs ensure reliability and minimum residue deposits which is required in today’s process industry.

The microdosing scales are available in standard versions or special designs developed for specific customer requirements.

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Danvægt A/S har et bredt og varierende udvalg af standardvægte.

Vi forhandler blandt andet produkter fra Ohaus og Mettler Toledo. Vægtene kan leveres verificeret til intern kontrolvejning eller verificeret til køb og salg.

Hvis ikke den ønskede type vægt, kapacitet eller interface findes her, anbefaler vi, at der tages kontakt til Danvægts salgsafdeling på tlf. 86 98 55 77, der kan guide videre og tilbyde efter opgave.

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