Software solutions

Efficient, flexible and user-friendly.

Software solutions

Danvægt’s software solutions for scales and other products that can define a mass are advanced, and market-leading. Our extensive expertise and know-how within scales, software and weighing technology mean that Danvægt’s future-proofed solutions are used within many sectors in Denmark, Scandinavia and several other export markets on a daily basis.

Danvægt’s weighing systems:
Danvægt’s software systems are under constant development, to support the needs of our customers for effective, flexible and user-friendly weighing solutions. Those solutions are modular, and can therefore be used for any size of business, and for demanding groups with multiple manufacturing sites at home and abroad.

Software solutions can be scaled within each module, to achieve maximum flexibility.

Smart Weighing System:

The software-based Smart Weighing System runs on the latest technological platforms, including Windows, Android and iOS. Smart Weighing System is the solution able to support the need for a weighing solution that can be controlled by mobile phone, tablet and fixed IT installations, or a combination of the same.

The Smart Weighing System complies with all GDPR requirements.

Strong on integration and synchronisation:
The software can be integrated with various forms of hardware, such as cameras, ANPR cameras for automatic number plate recognition, barriers, traffic lights and gate controls. So many options for integration support a fast, effective and safe weighing process on individual scales.

Danvægt’s integration and synchronisation software ensures effective, fast exchange of data between the company’s IT systems. The configuration is unique, flexible and can be customised to the needs of individual customers.

Strong modules:
An effective software system must be able to support the processes involved in weighing. The Smart Weighing System therefore contains a large number of flexible optional modules.

Flexible weighing processes:
More than one weighing process is often used within a company. All the weighing processes needed can be set up and used in Smart Weighing System.

Examples of processes:
weighing for reclassification, split-weighing, sub-division of weighings, ship weighing, item weighing, inspection weighing, etc.

Straw and chip module
A special module is available for straw and chip plants to handle processes such as moisture content measurement, chip samples and ship weighing, with automatic tare control.

Contract management
Managing contracts with one or more products, with checks of volumes and prices in relation to the contract. Automatic reporting of volume status, contract economics and automatic preparation of invoicing data.

When weighing is completed, the information is sent automatically to the operating personnel that a load is on the way for inspection and possible reclassification. The personnel can use a mobile phone or tablet to check and reclassify the weighed goods.

For documentation of reclassification, the personnel can take photos that can be saved in connection with the weighing. Fees can be set up and invoiced to the supplier. Weigh data is automatically forwarded to the ERP for administrative processing.

Space management and space data:

It can be necessary to control how many vehicles there is space for at any one time for safety reasons, and Danvægt’s software solutions help do just that.

If there are multiple offloading facilities at one site, the drivers can be told which one to use.

This module increases safety, and makes it practical, easy, logical and quick for the drivers to work, using software programs from Danvægt.

Random checks:
Random checks can be linked to suppliers. They can be randomised (at random, selected intervals) or taken over ten weighings, for example, or for all of them.

Companies in the environment and recycling industries have to report waste data to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. This requirement can be fulfilled using the ADS module. Waste data is gathered automatically from weighings, and reporting to the Agency is automatic.

Registrations can be made using the landfill module of the statutory data needed for dumping in landfill sites. Upon arrival at a landfill site, the driver must have submitted a declaration to gain access.

Smart Weighing Report:
The Smart Weighing System includes an advanced reporting tool, which gives access to all data in the weighing system, and reports can be generated as required.

Quality control:
Quality control can be performed for reclassification, and a given fraction can be evaluated according to the relevant quality criteria. If quality control gives grounds to change the quality of a load received, the quality controller can charge fees to the weighing, and document the control by taking photos with a mobile phone or tablet.

All reports and printouts can be set up to be sent automatically by mail to one or multiple recipients.
A weight slip can also be sent by mail to a number of recipients immediately after being completed on the scales.

Gate control:
If access to a weighbridge is a requirement to enter a facility, e.g. docks, Gate Control can be used. A driver can use this module to gain access to an area either using QR code, card or ANPR (automatic number plate recognition). That means consistent control over who is entering the area – and the relevant documentation is kept in the weighing system.

ANPR (automatic number plate recognition):
ANPR camera technology makes weighing easy, safe and quick for the driver and site personnel. If a number plate is already registered in the weighing system, the vehicle will be recognised, and weighing-in and out will be performed automatically.

Image registration of weighings:
Smart Weighing System has advanced facilities to provide photo documentation of weighings. Cameras can automatically store images of a load, and the vehicle, from a weighing. The images are saved with the weighing, and can be used to document the content of a load. They can be attached to weight slips, sent by mail.

Remote control of multiple sites:
If the company needs to remote control weighings at different sites, Smart Weighing System makes it possible. All sites can be remote controlled from other sites according to allocation of rights. What this can mean is that if unmanned sites are used, they can be remote controlled, e.g. from a central administration point.   

Administration and rights:
Smart Weighing System is role-based. That means users of the program can only see those functions in the weighing system that make sense in relation to their own work. Roles are allocated and can be edited by the system administrator.