Solutions for weighbridges

A complete truck scales solution includes all the electronic and mechanical units and user-friendly software required for weighing, registration and data collection in conventional or wireless webbased networks.


Danvaegt A/S offers a strong and comprehensive product range in truck scales for export and systems.

App solutions

AgroMobile sets new standards for weighing on weighbridges.

Weighbridge terminals

Operatørterminalerne er opbygget fleksible og modulære, så de kan opfylde alle selvbetjeningsbehov for identifikation og dataoverførsel.

Weight indicators

All the weight indicators are digital with an integrated display and flexible and modular constructed, for fulfilling all the self-service needs for identification and data transfer.

Software solutions

The flexible software program, MAUS, is a powerful weighing program for large and small companies.


Preventive, planned and emergency service